Moving Tips

With an estimated 40 million moves occuring every year in the U.S. we want your moving expereince with Phoenix Valley Movers to be the best. Through my experience being a third generation mover, family owned and operated is the best way to go. Small buisinesses rely heavy on referrals repeat business and not so much big spending on advertising. It seems that small buisinesses care more for you and their own reputaion than your typical brokered company. Small businesses have the flexibility to personalize your move than follow coorparate rules. The more organized you are the faster the move will be which will save you money. Large brokered companies can easily manipulate ratings and reviews.

What to look for in a mover

  • Licensed and insured
Be sure your mover is licensed and insured. Often times you will see businesses who are not in this profession claiming to be movers. Example: landscapers, construction workers with a flatbed thinking they're movers. Unfortunately these type of people give movers a bad reputation. In this business you usually get what you pay for. You do not want to experience a fly by night moving company. They will try to take advantage of you, usually with no repercussions. By the moving company not carrying any type of license or insurance is the first sign of someone who doesn't take this profession seriously and is a red flag for the consumer. This often times results into hiring day labors, unexperienced and even non professional movers doing the job which can result in damages of your household goods.

  • Requested deposit
Some moving companies request a deposit for long distance and even for local moves.

  • Fully equipped
Be sure your mover is fully equipped to handle your move and your specialty items. Too many times I see large oversized items on a dolly that is rated for half of the weight, with the wheels flat trying to push a safe up a ramp and tip over. If you have large specialty items make sure your mover is fully equipped. Every mover should have the proper equipment to safe proof your home and furniture.

  • Hidden charges and extra fee's
  • Internet or phone pricing
  • Hiring awareness
  • Guaranteed quotes or flat rate pricing
  • Guaranteed dates and times
  • Experience
Family owned and operated is the way to go. Usually when you hire a small family owned business they tend to care more for their reputation. With a small family owned business they usually have a set crew and do not hire day labors

  • References
Be sure to check references. Word of mouth is usually your best bet.

Moving Scams

Unfortunately there are some moving companies that take advantage of customers needing help with their move. Most moves occur without incident. Hopefully by reading our moving tips it will help you get the knowledge you need to know to recognize signs of scam movers and to properly prepare you to organize for your personal move. You and the mover will want your move to go as smoothly and more affordable as possible.